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"If you are having problems with performance, and you want to get back to having a normal love life, this is the way to go."
Malcolm, 65
Meet Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C
  • Reversed performance problems for over 200 men, 2019
  • Reversed Peyronie's for over 100 men, 2019
  • ​Perfected "The Exosome P-Shot," 2019
  • ​​Became "P-Shot" Certified, 2017
  • First Shockwave Provider for Male Performance in California, 2017
  • Became 'Anti-Aging' Certified, 2017
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What made you decide to reach out to us?

How long have you had this problem?

How soon would you like our help fixing it?

Once we learn your goals, we'll focus on the 3 leading causes for male performance problems

Our Personal Client Testimonial

"I had been struggling with ED for a couple of years.

I had tried pills but the headaches were something I couldn't handle anymore and the effectiveness of the pills was not that great.

The thought of doing injections or surgery just was not an option.

I was afraid I would never find an option that would work for me.

After going through the treatment sessions with the Wave Therapy, the difference it has made is better than I expected.

Even before finishing the 6 treatments, the results were fantastic.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with ED and would do it again knowing the positive outcome that has been achieved.”

obesity, drugs, smoking, depression
Taking care of yourself is important, and is the foundation of a healthy, fulfilled life.
unbalanced hormones
If you don't have the right chemistry or desire, you won't perform! We can help that with T optimization.
Micro-plaQue In Your 

blood vessels

We have to fix your blood vessels, your 'pipes' that supply the 'fuel' for your performance. Lack of blood flow is the #1 root cause of poor performance. We can reverse that with RENOVATO ACOUSTIC WAVE!

And it's really that simple...

If your 'pipes' are clogged... 

Your performance will continue to suffer.

But if you work with a shockwave therapy expert...

You can RECLAIM your love life!

How Fast Can You Transform Your Love Life?
With An Expert...

You could literally be just a few months, or even weeks, away...


American urologists measure male performance by something called a SHIM score (bedroom performance index for men).

Last December, Chris had a SHIM score of 8 out of 25. That means his performance score was a low 32%.  

He started doing Shockwave Therapy with RENOVATO ACOUSTIC WAVE... 

And within 6 weeks his SHIM score was a high 24 out of 25!

That means his performance score is now 96% optimized, much higher than most men today.

His documented SHIM score is below...

A lot of people have asked if these scores were fake. That's called forgery and we would be shut down if that were true.   We have a strict code of conduct and ethics.

These are real scores from real guys!

Check Out These Results From Other
NOVOWave Members 
Who Took The Leap Of Faith And Got The Results...
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Matthew Quit... Jim Kept Going 
What Were The Results?
Matthew and Jim were each having their problems performing in the bedroom.  They both had girlfriends, and neither lady was very happy.  Jim actually told us he  felt like less of a man.

Both came in for Consultations at Novus  a few months ago.  Matthew was extremely interested, but Jim was a bit more skeptical...

For some reason Matthew decided not to move forward.  Jim, the skeptic, decided he wanted a better life, and took a leap of faith. 

We can't tell you how Matthew is doing today, but Jim was happy to share his story.  See what he has to say after going through the NOVOWave Ultimate Protocol...

If you'd like to be where Chris is in the next 3 months - you need to
(because this month is almost completely booked ...)

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